The Vision

To help West Africa realize it’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by empowering communities through Technology and Innovation. Technology and innovation can help significantly improve people´s lives, reinforce governance and create wealth in West Africa. However, wealth creation must go hand-in-hand with strategies that both build economic growth and address a range of social needs.

The Mission

The Draman Foundation aims to improve the lives of individuals and communities in West Africa by bringing digital solutions and establishing platforms for accelerating health, education and financial inclusion.

The Opportunity

We are living in a digital world where Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a major role in economic development and where information is wealth. Over the last years, the ICT access in Africa has increased significantly, and can be used to extend information and services to previously underserved populations, and to increase productivity and innovation in the public and private sectors.

Moreover, the ICTs have great potential to accelerate progress on the SDGs, which would fundamentally improve the lives of the people. The Draman Foundation seeks to improve the lives of individuals and communities in West Africa using technology and innovative solutions, and help realizing the SDGs at the local level to address inequality and service delivery challenges through three essential and strategic programs:

  1. Access to Healthcare: enhance the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare delivery and improve diagnosis providing mobile healthcare digital centres in existing healthcare facilities.
  2. Access to Education: reach those excluded from education systems and improve the quality of knowledge and skills, providing digital world-class ICT rooms in primary and high schools.
  3. Access to Finance: foster and promote an inclusive financial infrastructure to ensure easy and quick access to finance to those unable to attain it, through mobile financial digital centres, helping youth and women seize economic opportunities.

The Strategy

In the initial stage, The Draman Foundation will focus efforts on ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE in THE GAMBIA, SENEGAL and GUINEA BISSAU. By making better use of ICTs, mobile and e-health have the potential to improve the capacity of health systems in these countries to provide increased access to quality healthcare and health-related information, access to medical education and training for health workers and improve the ability to diagnose and track diseases.

The Partnerships

To attain SDGs at the local level, a broad partnership with communities, civil society and public and private sectors will be needed. The Draman Foundation will seek partnerships with:

  • local and regional governments for the implementation of the digital centres in existing healthcare facilities, and
  • the private sector, NGOs and non-profit organizations that can take advantage of the Draman Foundation 's platform for the healthcare delivery (i.e. consultations, diagnosis, access to treatments, etc.)

The Later Stages

At a later stage, the Draman Foundation will develop the education and finance programs. In this regard, the database compiled within the healthcare program together with other software solutions owned by the Draman Foundation can help taking the first steps.

The digital ICT rooms linked to the EDUCATION program will offer significant benefits including:

  • Access to low cost teaching resources
  • Added value compared to traditional teaching, improving the quality of knowledge and skills
  • Access to a secure database and statistics for monitoring and follow up of students and trainees to enable an efficient decision-making.

Regarding FINANCE, the mobile financial digital centres will allow:

  • Easy and quick access to finance
  • Reducing fraud and the time spent in identification and verification of customers
  • Providing multiple verifiable information about a business
  • Help businesses mitigate reputational, operational and financial risks and help small low tech businesses emerge
  • Accessing a full range of reports and a varied breakdown of the market, for relevant information analysis

In its third phase, it will expand to other ECOWAS member states.